Health-2050 Hospital Management System is the most complete and multi-functional hospital or medical center management system is designed for all those healthcare institutions that aim to deliver high-quality patient care services in minimal time. With special modules, it automates all hospital processes and supports every function in a hospital that you can think of.
The main aim of this software is to create a hospital that is paperless. it is designed to manage all the aspects of hospital operations, especially OPD management, IPD management, discharge summary, patient registration, appointments, HR/payroll and corresponding service processing.
The highly innovative, advanced and unique features offered by Health-2050 come at a very affordable price, making it incomparable with any conventional in the market.
The surging global adoption of smart phones tablets and web-enabled handheld devices is changing the how, when and where consumers connect to digital content, Health-2050 works seamlessly on all mobile devices. The artificial business intelligence & analytics capabilities make it unique, while process flows are in complete compliance on standards.

• Rich Dashboard with analytics
• Patients dashboard -Hospital management system
• Patients frontend Hospital management system
• Admin Management
• Front End Patient Management System
• Doctor Management
• Nurse Management System
• Support Staff Management System • Lab Management System
• Pharmacist Management System
• Accounts Management System • Outpatient Management System
• Appointment Management
• Prescription Management
• Treatment Management System • Bed – Room Management
• Operation Theatre Management System
• Medicine Management
• Diagnosis Reports Management System
• Invoice – Expense Management System
• Blood Bank Management System
• Ambulance Management System
• Notice-Event Management System
• SMS Message Alert
• Management Reporting System

USD: 5000
PKR: 500,000